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Our History

BEL is a Limited Liability Small Business Corporation established and incorporated in the State of Ohio in January of 2012. Currently, BEL operates three lines of business (LOB). Each LOB is managed by one, or a team of, Vice Presidents. The three LOBs included engineering, compliance, and construction quality assurance/field services. All three LOBs are supported by our four offices and our satellite offices. All LOBs and offices work as a team to provide our Clients with our full spectrum of talent and experience.



Angela Leonard

Ms. Leonard has more than 30 years of experience in the Solid Waste industry. Prior to becoming a principal at BEL, she served as the Director of Engineering and Environmental Management for the East Region for Republic Services. In her positions over the years, Ms. Leonard has developed a solid relationship and reputation with Regulators, Consultants, Vendors and Owners across the Midwest and Northeast regions of the US. She has experience in all aspects of the Solid Waste industry including, but not limited to: permitting, engineering, design, compliance and construction quality assurance for landfills, transfer stations and hauling companies.

Brian Barninger

During his 20 years in the Solid Waste industry, Mr. Barninger has acted as Construction Quality Assurance Engineer/Project Manager for over 100 solid and hazardous waste landfill construction projects at over 40 different landfill facilities in six states. Projects included landfill baseliner and closure construction, landfill expansion, landfill gas management systems, leachate recirculation fields and storage tanks, Tensar engineered slope stabilization and retaining walls, and sedimentation and erosion control applications. Mr. Barninger has overseen GCCS Engineering Evaluations, Landfill Gas Engineering Designs, GCCS Engineering Budget Models, and Final GCCS plans at facilities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Michigan.

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