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BEL Environmental Engineering, LLC is an environmental engineering and consulting firm that specializes in Solid Waste consulting and compliance support, environmental engineering, surveying services, and construction quality assurance.


  • 8 Years


  • BEL Environmental Engineering – 8 Years


  • 40-hour HAZWOPER & 8-Hour Refresher 

  • Certified Nuclear Density Gauge operator and US DOT/HAZMAT training.

  • Title V Air Permit Training

  • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES) Training

  • Certified Stormwater Operator 

  • Air Emission Control Technologies Training


  • Mr. Cricelli has experience generating semi-annual and quarterly air compliance reports for NSPS and non-NSPS sites.

  • Mr. Cricelli is proficient in the use of CEC LFGMS and SCS wellfield data bases

  • Mr. Cricelli has over 7 years of experience with various aspects of solid waste management and landfill gas collection system operations including construction, operation, maintenance and monitoring 

  • He has served as a CQA Site Manager on landfill projects in both Michigan and Ohio. 

  • Mr. Cricelli has over 7 years of experience in working with multiple earthwork, geosynthetic, and piping contractors. 

  • Mr. Cricelli has experience in gas and leachate system piping construction 

  • He has on the job training under PE supervision 

  • Mr. Cricelli has experience generating Directiors Finding and Orders reports and Monthly Operating Reports


Countywide RDF Landfill, Ohio

Mr. Cricelli provides data management services on a daily basis working directly with O&M field technicians on site, including but not limited to; development of wellfield exceedance and deviation reporting, compilation and review of flare data, managing data in SCS etools, preparing SSM forms, etc.  Prepares monthly operational and regulatory Operations Maintenance and Monitoring (OM&M) Plan reports. Prepares, implements and submits revisions to the OM&M Plan to the Ohio EPA. Prepares and leads OEPA quarterly meetings, weekly staff meetings and enhanced monitoring call meetings

Carbon Limestone Landfill, Ohio

Generates monthly report to OEPA as it pertains to the Directors Findings and Orders (DFO). This report covers a variety of sampling and data collection processes including; leachate volume tracking, wellfield data compilation, liquid level tracking, carbon monoxide monitoring, etc. Preparing and leading bimonthly meetings with OEPA personnel to provide site updates. Update and submit Leachate Storage Capacity reports on an as needed basis. Prepare and compile data for quarterly enhanced monitoring calls

Blue Ridge Landfill, Texas

Generate and provide to the site a semi-monthly operating report including flare compilation and assessment, cover integrity tracking, forcemain pressures, liquid levels and site recommendations.

Lake County Solid Waste, Ohio

Provide data management and operational support working directly with facility O&M personnel. Complete quarterly, semi-annual and annual compliance reports and submit to local heath department as well as OEPA databases. Generation of monthly probe report and submittal to local health department. Prepare for and run monthly gas meeting. Title V application preparation and submittal, annual greenhouse gas reporting and emissions fee reporting.

Multiple sites

Provide on-site operating record review at multiple locations around Michigan using the regulatory checklist for an inspection. This includes an in depth review of the operating record and if possible, assistance in obtaining any missing documents that are required.

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