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BEL Environmental Engineering, LLC is an environmental engineering and consulting firm that specializes in Solid Waste consulting and compliance support, environmental engineering, surveying services, and construction quality assurance.


  • 4 Years


  • BEL Environmental Engineering – 1 Year

  • S&ME – 1 Year

  • Hanson Professional Services – 2 Years


  • B.S., Civil Engineering, University of North Florida, May 2020

  • M.B.A., Northern Kentucky University, May 2024


  • Fundamentals of Engineering Intern

  • OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety


  • Ms. DeSanto has experience with a variety of civil engineering sectors including stormwater design, land development design, construction materials testing, construction quality assurance, solid waste management, gas collection systems, and permitting.

  • Ms. DeSanto has experience generating daily and finalized reports for construction tasks.

  • Ms. DeSanto has experience with AutoCAD, MicroStation, and ICPR.

  • Ms. DeSanto has experience with SWPPP inspections and reporting.


Duck Creek Landfill, Ohio

Project Manager responsible for compiling post-closure certification report for the Duck Creek Landfill as it was approaching the end of it’s post-closure period. Reviewed historical data and formed a report with suggestions for closure.

Masco Bath Landfill, Tennessee

Team member responsible for accumulating discharge data and graphing trends in the discharge over a year’s period. Compiled a work plan for facility improvements at the landfill to remove miscellaneous chemicals and infrastructure.

Sycamore Landfill, West Virginia

Project Manager of the cell construction and gas design of the Sycamore Landfill. Coordinated with the client and team members for design and hours need to complete. Kept budgeted time for billing.

*William H. Zimmer Power Plant, Ohio

Staff Professional responsible for keeping track of excavated materials moved from the CCR Pond to the landfill at the Zimmer Power Plant in Moscow, Ohio. Observed site work regarding the CCR Pond and Landfill while intermittently recording daily inspections and attending meetings to discuss findings and scheduling.


*Ford Blue Oval, Tennessee

Staff Professional responsible for observing auger cast pile construction for the foundation of the Blue Oval Paint Building in Memphis, Tennessee. Communicated data, schedule, and complications of construction with contractor and client.

*Duke Energy Transmission, Ohio

Associate Project Manager providing SWPPP inspections and reports for a Duke Transmission site in Middletown, Ohio. Conducted the SWPPP inspections and attended meetings to discuss findings and suggested alterations to improve storm water impact on the site.

*Freedom Park, Florida

Lead CAD developer for the City of Jacksonville’s Freedom Park layout project. Designed aesthetics, grading, sidewalk features, and stormwater systems for the 1.6 acres memorial park. Produced civil design plans included SWPPP plans for supervisor’s review to be sent off to the City Board for approval and oversaw Water Management District permitting processes.

*FDOT S.R. 26, Florida

Drainage design team to create multiple series of drainage improvement routes for the S.R. 26 expansion and improvement project in Newberry, Florida. CAD designer to draw up civil plans for four miles of drainage pipes, structures, and six corresponding retention ponds.

*Memorial Cemetery Restoration, Florida – Main CAD designer for the Memorial Cemetery Project in Jacksonville, Florida. This project requires natural grading off of a proposed asphalt drive to run around the perimeter of the historic cemetery. Led the design and layout working under a Professional Engineer and oversaw Water Management District permitting processes to move the project along.

*Experience with previous employer

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