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BEL Environmental Engineering, LLC is an environmental engineering and consulting firm that specializes in Solid Waste consulting and compliance support, environmental engineering, surveying services, and construction quality assurance.


  • 16 Years


  • BEL Environmental Engineering, LLC – 2 Years

  • Cornerstone Environmental Group / Tetra Tech – 14 Years


  • Associates Degree Liberal Arts and Sciences, 2011 – Orange County Community College

  • Certificate of Technical Mastery – Computer Assisted Design Program, 2007 - Orange County BOCES


  • Confined Space Entry Training


  • Mr. Gibbons has extensive experience in Landfill Layout, Design, and Permitting.

  • Mr. Gibbons is proficient in AutoDesk Civil 3D, AutoDesk Vehicle Tacking, Transoft AutoTurn and Smartdraft.

  • Mr. Gibbons has extensive experience designing Landfill Phasing Plans, Base grades, Perimeter Berms, Mechanically Stabilized Earthen Berms, Surface Generation and Waste Volume Generation.

  • He has vast experience in Transfer Station design and layout.

  • Mr. Gibbons has experience in Field CQA, and Ground Water Sampling.


Landfill and Civil Design


Completed various LFG Design projects for gas system expansions at several solid waste facilities in Florida, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.  This included, but was not limited to, LFG conveyance system layouts and grading, condensate management systems (i.e. sumps, knockout pots, pumps, controls, and LFG flow meters) GCCS Final Development Plans, Well schedule verification and completion, 5-Year budget modeling.


Completed several Horizontal and Vertical Landfill Expansion Permit and Construction Sets for several sites in New Jersey, New York, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. This included Access Road layout and design, Cell Design, Leachate Conveyance Layout and Design, Final Cover and Waste Grade design.


 Completed Design of Mechanically Stabilized Earthen berms for Vertical Expansions at many sites. In New York and New Jersey.


Completed Auto CAD, Civil 3D drawings for various solid waste facilities in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Michigan. This included, but was not limited to, LFG system layouts & construction drawings, Leachate system layouts & construction drawings, survey data formatting and upload, 3D flare station construction drawings, GCCS Final Development Plan layout and details, 5-Year budget models, 3D Well Bore data layouts.  


Completed numerous Leachate Infrastructure design projects including but not limited to leachate conveyance gravity header layouts, leachate conveyance forcemain layouts, sump and side riser design and layouts, pump station and metering chamber design and layouts, for various sites in Florida, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

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