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BEL Environmental Engineering, LLC is an environmental engineering and consulting firm that specializes in Solid Waste consulting and compliance support, environmental engineering, surveying services, and construction quality assurance.


  • 9 Years


  • BEL Environmental Engineering – 4 Years

  • Enviro-Equipment – 1 Years

  • ASC Greenway - 2 Years

  • Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute – 2 Years


  • EGLE Storm Water Management Operator - Industrial

  • Troxler Hazmat Certification

  • 40-Hour HAZWOPER Training & 8-Hour Refresher 


  • Troxler Nuclear Gauge Safety Certification

  • Red Cross First Aid and CPR Training


  • Mr. Saettel has 5 years of experience in working with multiple earthwork, geosynthetic, and piping contractors. 

  • He has acted as Construction Quality Assurance for numerous solid and hazardous waste landfill construction projects at several different landfill facilities.

  • Projects included landfill baseliner and closure construction, landfill gas management systems, gas well installations, leachate recirculation fields and storage tanks, and sedimentation and erosion control applications.

  • His responsibilities have included communication with State Agencies, review, and implementation of State and Federal Regulations.

  • He has assisted the Certifying Engineer in completing multiple different Construction Certification Reports.  His responsibilities included reviewing as-built construction drawings, geotechnical and geosynthetic installation data, and photo documentation of construction procedures.

  • He is a certified storm water operator and completes multiple monthly, quarterly, and annual inspections for multiple clients. He also has developed SWPPP/SPCC plans for different solid waste facilities.


Newton County Landfill, Indiana – CQA Technician

CQA services for gas well installation and corresponding pipe work. Installation of perimeter leachate collection system and pumping.

Vienna Junction Landfill, Ohio – CQA Technician

CQA services for the installation of a new solid waste cell. Duties included earthwork monitoring and testing, soil/rock sampling, and geosynthetic installation CQA. Geosynthetic CQA included all documentation, pulling seam samples, and observing on-site testing and equipment verification. He also was responsible for collecting data for as-builts.

Arbor Hills Landfill, Michigan – CQA Technician

CQA services for the installation of new and replacement gas collection wells, installation of 24-inch and 18-inch gas collection header, pneumatic pump installations, air and forcemain installations, condensate sump installations and horizontal collector installation.

Sauk Trail Hills Landfill, Michigan – CQA Technician

CQA services for the installation of new and replacement gas collection wells, installation of 24-inch and 18-inch gas collection header, pneumatic pump installations, and air and forcemain installations.

Bigfoot Run Landfill, Ohio – CQA Technician

CQA services for earthwork on a closed landfill. Also, installation of a condensate sump and a new open flare, including all new components and air/gas/liquid conveyance lines.

Lima Hauling Company, Ohio – Project Manager

Created a new SWPPP and SPCC under the direction of the certifying engineer. Responsibilities included site visits to determine compliance needs, creating new plans, and correspondence with state and local agencies. This was an ongoing project which included quarterly site visits to make sure the plan was up to date and the site stayed in compliance with all environmental regulations.

Epperson Landfill , Kentucky – Project Manager

Responsibilities include on-site monthly inspections to satisfy conditions of the closed landfill for their groundwater protection and SWPPP. Also manages projects that include GCCS design, engineering support, administrative assistance, and other compliance tasks.

Blue Ridge and Morehead Landfills, Kentucky – Project Manager

Project Management services include leading monthly meetings between owner and all 3rd party operators/contractors for their gas collection systems and construction. Meetings cover all gas quality, quantity, and any issues that arose during the month. Data is collected from 3rd party operator and managed to distribute to owners. Duties also include semi-annual and annual submissions to local and state agencies as well as computing all emission levels and waste acceptance to stay within environmental permit conditions.

Evendale Transfer Station, Ohio – Project Manager

Responsibilities include monthly inspections for compliance requirements and quarterly stormwater sampling. Reporting includes annual operating report, PER/FER, and Tier II/SERC. Updates compliance plans as necessary.


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